Sim-Ci: Resilience by Design

Our cities face unprecedented challenges: an ever growing population, decreasing employment. The social fabric of our metropolis and our municipalities is changing rapidly. Changing ecological and environmental circumstances wear down our infrastructures and stress our resources. To prosper as a city, as a nation, and to survive as humanity in the long run, we need new perspectives. To defy the odds we need to make our society “Resilient by Design”

At this Summit Institute Lab, hosted by Sim-Ci (a company who gives critical infrastructure owners the tools and expertise to gain insight and foresight into their assets and their interdependencies), we invite you to redesign our cities, to shape a future that will defy all odds. We’ll bring together the brightest minds on city design, artificial intelligence, critical infrastructure protection, robotica, genetic programming, and human behavior to redefine the ways we’ll design and manage our cities.

Summit Institute