Bringing the cutting edge to the developing world - surgery for the other 80 percent, sponsored by G4 Alliance

With the change in political milieu, there’s a potential for access to surgical care to become a reality for the other 80% of the world. Challenges in scaling and deployment of an adequately trained surgical workforce as well as building robust infrastructure and durable supply chains for healthcare delivery remain unmet. This challenge, however, represents an opportunity for disrupting current paradigms in global health. Innovations ranging from pop-up surgical suites and coordinated global surgical workforce training to real-time data sharing and digitized mapping of supply chains hold the promise of delivering cost-effective, high-quality surgery to the 80% of the world’s population that does not have access to basic surgical care. What would it take to deploy and deliver high quality surgical care in remote regions of the world? How can we envision a world in 2030 that truly leaves no one behind?

Summit Institute