Inward Perspectives

“inwardperspectives”  By Griffin Loop

There are times when the light is just so that the piece almost seems to be an illusion, sometimes it seems barely there at all.  My guess is some folks miss it all together.  For those that have seen it and maybe walked out to view it from a closer perspective it offers a dynamic experience.  Below is artist Griffin Loop’s interpretation of the piece:

"'inwardperspectives' is a large scale geometric perspective piece. The piece is made up of framed metal squares ranging from 2 feet to 16 feet, all sharing a common edge thus making the piece appear different from each angle of view. The piece is finished with a perspective paint job adding another dimension to the experience." 

This artwork resides at Eden’s "Wolf Barn" property in the valley and was brought to life the summer of 2015 during Griffin’s in-house residency at Summit Powder Mountain. Griffin takes his projects through all steps from concept to completion utilizing a variety of different methods and materials. He invites onlookers to pause, reflect, free their minds and perspectives when experiencing his work...

(Originally printed in the Powder Mountain Post, 1st Issue)

Summit Institute