Summit at Sea 2016: A Diverse Impact Portfolio

Summit Institute Created the Impact Program for Summit at Sea

The Summit community has always had a strong tradition of activism and passion for social change. For Summit at Sea 2016, we created the Summit Impact program for attendees to support the amazing work of some of our speakers and partners - we hope you have been inspired by one or a few of the ideas below to take action.  

We would love to be able to account for the change made by Summit at Sea 2016 attendees, so please let us know what you supported, signed or changed by posting and tagging @Summit #summitatsea

Take the Fair Chance Pledge

As an extension of our commitment to ongoing conversations about criminal justice reform, Summit urges you to support the Obama Administration’s request for businesses and higher education institutions to invest in our communities and get rid of unnecessary hiring barriers for individuals with criminal records.

Call to Action: Take the White House Fair Chance Business Pledge at your company.

Give Low-Income Americans Access to Healthier Food

The Internet has made food healthy thanks to companies like Thrive Market. But affordability remains a serious concern for lower-income Americans who depend on food stamps (now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) to buy their groceries.  Summit community member and Thrive Market founder Gunnar Lovelace have started a petition urging the government to allow food stamps to buy healthy food online.

Call to action: Sign the petition at Thrive.

Aid to Middle East Refugees

The refugee crisis bleeding out of the Middle East into neighboring lands is heartbreaking and complicated. Thankfully, there are incredible humanitarian groups that are helping to provide triage and care to our fellow humans on the move. We will be highlighting and supporting the great work of Team Rubicon Global (TRG), the veteran disaster relief organization, and its first-aid telemedicine partnerships, along with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). TRG and UNICEF will give demonstrations at the event on Veterans Day, November 11, about how they provide aid to people as they arrive in foreign lands, and you can watch both organizations’ videos in your state room during the voyage. We encourage you to support these humanitarian missions to help children, refugees, and veterans by donating.

Call to Action: Support UNICEF and Team Rubicon Global

Make Your Website Accessible

More than 56 million Americans (over 18 percent of the population) have some kind of disability—and they might want to buy what you are selling. One barrier, according to disability-rights leader and Summit at Sea speaker Haben Girma, the first deafblind graduate of Harvard Law School, is that they can’t see or read about what you’re selling on your website. Haben has taught us that this potential market can be better served if we simply follow the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines on our websites. Summit will be taking that advice in the coming months, and we encourage you to do the same.

Call to Action: Use these guidelines to make your website more accessible.

Summit Institute Art Program

The Summit AIR Program offers working artists from around the globe an opportunity to visit rural Eden, Utah for 14 or 21-day periods to live and work on ambitious creative projects in an inspiring mountain landscape. Selected artists will work alongside the Summit Powder Mountain team as they develop a cultural epicenter on top of Powder Mountain. The Summit AIR is a participatory program that aims to bring together working artists with the local community of Ogden Valley and visiting guests at Summit Powder Mountain. Help us fund this spectacular opportunity to support the arts, and come visit Powder Mountain this winter to see the artists in action.

Call to Action: Donate to support the Summit Institute Art Program

Support Movement Art Is (M.A.I.)

Movement Artists and friends of Summit Jon Boogz and Lil Buck have created an impactful campaign to inspire change. Their video project “Color of Reality”, developed in collaboration with painter Alexa Meade, tells a story of social justice and the uncomfortable realities of the world we are living in. We are encouraging attendees to support Movement Art Is and their work to elevate dance as a co-important artform with donations.

Call to Action: Support Movement Art Is

Hurricane Matthew Relief

In early October, Hurricane Matthew tore through the Caribbean islands, decimating regions of Haiti, Cuba and the Bahamas and leaving in its wake lost and shattered lives.  Summit has a special affinity to the Caribbean and its inhabitants, as they have always been gracious hosts of Summit at Sea. This year , we want to help provide relief for our Caribbean neighbors.  We are promoting the work of two great organizations who are doing on-the-ground relief and humanitarian aid right now and ensuring that people can get through the devastation and begin to rebuild their lives. Team Rubicon Global provides veterans around the world with opportunities to serve others in the wake of disasters. 3 to 5 Days is a non-profit organization that is focused on providing sustainable solutions for clean water to areas in need.

Call to Action: Support Team Rubicon Global and 3 to 5 Days


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