Summit Fellowships & Scholarships

Pay it forward 

A more diverse and inclusive Summit community is a richer, more thought-provoking community.


We are working with Summit and several funding partners to create a new set of Summit Fellowships - recognizing entrepreneurs whose nonprofit and for-profit ventures tackle significant social challenges through innovative business models. 

Fellows will receive attendance to Summit's flagship event LA18, attendance at a Powder Mountain hosted weekend in 2019, as well as a program of on-site and year-round support networks designed to create sustainable integration into the Summit community. Check out the opportunities for mobility entrepreneurs and for under-thirty innovators:


We have also developed a new program to provide scholarships for those underrepresented in leadership knowing that by attending Summit these awardees can further advance their careers and change the face of leadership across industries.

We need your help to make this possible. Donate HERE, to provide scholarships for those underrepresented in leadership to attend Summit.

Your donation is 100 percent tax deductible.

Summit Institute Labs

Bring us your social Innovation ideas...and we can co-create a lab

The Summit Institute Lab model brings the thought-leadership and entrepreneurial energy of the Summit community to bear on the big social issues of our day.

We work with leading organizations and funders to engage top impact experts in a weekend-long conversation with members of the multi-disciplinary Summit community. We drive towards tangible and far-reaching outcomes and we expose some of the top innovators and entrepreneurs of our time to world-changing ideas.

Summit Institute assembles a diverse and powerful set of players to explore and learn of cutting edge opportunities to result in real world actions. With approximately 50 participants  from a range of sectors, our weekend labs operate on the Chatham House Rule in order to facilitate an atmosphere of trust, conducive to exploring new opportunities and ideas.

To learn more about how to bring a social impact convening to the Summit community, email us at

Check out our recent Summit Institute Labs.