Summit Institute's Conservation Program focuses on protecting the valuable and beautiful land around Powder Mountain and the Ogden Valley in Utah along with supporting work from partners like The Nature Conservancy to ensure the safety and health of our oceans for future generations.  We believe that bringing people to the mountains and the sea can remind them of the importance of protecting the diverse, life-giving regions of our planet.



Summit Institute spearheaded the “Future of Oceans” programming aboard Summit at Sea, gathering six leading ocean conservation organizations to educate attendees on the future of our oceans and offer innovative, emerging solutions. This Summit Oceans Steering Committee included Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, Walton Family Foundation, OceanUnite, Schmidt Ocean Partners, and National Geographic. This steering committee met over fve months, developing consensus areas for focus, deciding the most pressing problems and the most promising solutions, and as a result presented scientifcally and policy sound content for SAS attendees. Committee members presented their unique oceans solutions, which were voted on by attendees, and the inaugural Summit Oceans Prize of $50,000 was awarded to our long-time conservation partner, The Nature Conservancy for their Fish Face project

Summit at Sea 2011 Ocean Conservation

Spurned by an interactive shark-tagging experience at Summit at Sea 2011, the Summit community created a viral fundraising campaign to support and invest in conserving marine species and habitats in the South Berry Islands.   The Nature Conservancy used Summit fundraising to take the tangible step to transfer the South Berry Islands Marine Reserve (SBIMR) from a “paper park” into the first effective no‐take marine reserve in The Bahamas.

As a direct result of the Summit community support, this special corner of The Bahamas will remain rich in marine life, including sharks, turtles, grouper and rays, and other species that have disappeared from many other places in the Caribbean.

Trails on Powder Mountain

The Walton Family Foundation has made a generous grant through the Summit Institute to continue our trail system on Powder Mountain to provide more extensive and accessible mountain biking and hiking trails across the mountain.